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4 Key Elements to Make Your Business Website Thrive

27 Dec 4 Key Elements to Make Your Business Website Thrive

I n the jungle of technology, gadgets, how-to articles, social media developments and marketing strategies there sits you, a local business owner, with tons of resources to get your business out there. There’s just one caveat to this and that’s time. As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is your company website. The reality is you do worry about your website and how little traffic it gets. You may not even be aware of how much of a lead generator your website can be when it’s set up appropriately.

This problem alone is what drove webnow™ into existence, to fill this void local business owners come up against by creating seamless websites with built-in SEO (search engine optimization), enabling your company to be found easily on the web; now that’s playing with the big boys. We have learned many parts of the web design industry as our company has grown, one being the top four key elements a website must have to increase your business leads. In the next couple paragraphs, we’ll begin to scratch the surface of these four key elements. We plan on writing more detailed blog posts in the coming months on the key elements of each specific page including your home, services, about and contact pages.

Visible Business Name and Mission Statement

A person’s average attention span is about 10 seconds. Within 10 seconds, you want that person stumbling into your website to know your name and what you do. Next, how are you going to keep that person on your website for longer than 10 seconds? By presenting not only a problem, they may be dealing with but more importantly, your company’s solution. Take for example you’re a plumber in the Santa Barbara area. Let’s pretend your business name is Santa Barbara Plumbing. This is a fantastic name for SEO purposes because the word “plumbing” is searched on average 74,000 times a month. Within Santa Barbara that search number goes down to 30 times a month, making your industry search less competitive within your city, ultimately making it more likely you’ll be people’s first call for plumbing issues in Santa Barbara. If you leave people guessing what the promise of your service is, the less likely it is for your website to generate leads. By leads, I mean calls or emails from people looking to do business with you.


Always put your business name and mission statement at the top of your homepage to attract potential customers in under 10 seconds.

Your Website Must Be Reactive on Mobile Devices

In July of 2015, Smart Insights published some exciting mobile marketing statistics, basically stating people’s mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage, making people likely to use their phones 51% of the time to access valuable information compared to desktop usage at 42%. What does this have to do with your website? This means more than half of the people who will search for your business this year and next will do it on their mobile device and if your website isn’t ready to capture those leads, you’ll potentially miss out on a large chunk of your profit. You want to ensure your website is reactive on any type of mobile device, meaning, none of your text is cut off, your navigation is easy to navigate, and all your contact information, including your social media buttons, are clickable. If someone decides in 10 seconds they want to call you for their plumbing needs and all they have to do is click a button to call, you’re more likely to get their business purely on a convenience factor.


Ensure your website is reactive on all mobile devices in order to capture more business from mobile users.

KEEP YOUR CONTENT CLEAR AND CONCISEKeep your Content Clear and Concise

Creativity within the design of your website can work wonders for keeping your bounce rate low, especially when your website is interactive, however, when it comes to your content, the less creative and more straightforward you are the better. Your content should always be accomplishing two things; providing solutions to common problems your customers face and illustrating how your customers will feel when they use your service. The only exception to this rule is on your “about” page where it’s appropriate and necessary to give background information on your company. Finally, repetition of specific keywords to your business throughout your text is crucial to your SEO. By repetition, I don’t mean repeating the same keywords so it doesn’t make sense. You must be sneaky and weave your keywords into the content so it makes sense. An example of a keyword from earlier would be “plumbing services in santa barbara”.


Your content should always provide solutions to common problems your customers face, it should illustrate how your customers will likely feel after they use your service, and creative weaving of keywords in your content will increase your SEO .


The majority of the websites we make for customers consist of four pages: “home”, “about”, “services” and “contact”. We know these four pages will answer four important questions all customers have: who we are, what is our mission, the services we provide and how to get in contact with us. The easier your navigation is, the more opportunity you create for customers to find the information they need and the more likely they’ll want to take action and contact you. Drop down menus within your navigation is okay, however, once you make it complicated for customers to find information the likelihood they will leave your website before taking any action towards doing business with you.


By keeping your navigation simple and easy to use, the more likely your customer is to take action and contact you.

If you have a small business and you’re interested in having WebNow™ implement these key elements into your new website, give us a call.