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Ways to Reward Loyal Customers on Social Media

27 Dec Ways to Reward Loyal Customers on Social Media

I t doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know your customers use social media. Whether they’re on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or twitter, you can rest assure they are clued into their digital community daily. Many companies have utilized social media to update their customers on new services, breaking news articles surrounding topics in their industry and, of course, posting the fun, colorful photo or inspirational quote here and there. Another positive way to engage your customers is to reward them for their loyalty on social media. By rewarding your customers, you will not only grow your customer base but you’ll also retain them.

In order to make this marketing technique effective, allow me to explain a couple ways to create these rewards, the importance of creating rewards with timing in mind and how to implement trigger words into your rewards to remind people when to use them.

Creating Rewards Through Social Media

Digital Discount

There are a couple ways to format the type of reward you want to publish. One is a digital discount. Due to the influx of discount companies such as Groupon and LivingSocial, customers have begun to expect discounts for any type of service or product out there and your business isn’t excluded. To create a discount on social media, write up a post with an attractive graphic. If your promotion doesn’t have a graphic, the possibility anyone will pay attention to your promotion is slim.

To create exclusivity to your social media promotion, make sure to state the discount can only be found or is only being offered on the social media site of your choosing. You may choose to create a discount code for people to use on your e-commerce site. This will drive more traffic to your website.

If you are offering a discount that has a value of under $100 savings, make sure to display the savings in a percentage. This will make the reward seem more valuable to the consumer, which will then make them want to act. If the discount value is over $100, you will want to illustrate the savings in a numerical currency.

Finally, you want to let your customer know how to redeem the reward. You want to make the redeeming portion of the promotion as easy for your customers as possible. They are just as busy as you are, and they will only act on rewards that are easy to obtain. If your ultimate goal is to get more “Likes” to one of your social media pages, you can ask your customers to “Like” your page in order to win the reward. If you want to limit the amount of people who can receive the reward, you will need to establish a time limit for the reward, and make sure to let your customers know the winners will be picked randomly from those who follow the directions to win.

Contest Rewards

A wonderful way to involve your customers in your business while rewarding them at the same time, is to have a digital contest. This can be anything from asking your customers to post pictures of themselves using your product to using a specific hashtag when talking about your brand. Whoever completes these actions the most in certain period of time will be rewarded your newest product, a free month of membership etc. As long as the ultimate prize you’re offering to the winner is valuable, you will see lots of traction.

Offering Fame Rewards

Everyone wants their “15 seconds of fame”, your customers included. By incorporating some sort of fame aspect to your reward is highly valuable to your customers. This can come in many forms from asking your customers to send in their artwork to be considered for the label of your newest wine release, or to produce a short commercial to be considered for a national TV spot.

The Importance of the Timing of your Reward

Timing your posts with holidays or world events can be crucial to making your reward go viral. What does this look like? We recently created a Facebook reward on our page, where we asked our social community to “Like” our page, the post and to share the post, to potentially win an “All Counties Lead to Seahawks Nation Map”. Being that it’s football season, that there are thousands of Seahawks fans, like us, and are giving away a valuable piece of Seahawk memorabilia, we have been seeing incredible engagement with this post. We also boosted the post, so it would reach more potential Seahawks fans.

Implementing Trigger Words Into Your Social Media Reward

Creating digital rewards to recognize your loyal customers isn’t anything new. Social media platforms are being flooded with deals daily, however, there is a way for your company to stand out in the digital reward scheme, by implementing trigger words into your social media reward. Great trigger words are usually days of the week. Days of the week deals help your customers to remember to use them, and they help to keep your company at front of mind. Weekly deals also help with customer retention. Implementing hashtags into your trigger words also help your customers to remember certain rewards and if you use them on your physical marketing material, it also encourages your customers to use the hashtag to refer to when they’re using a specific deal. An example of this could be #customerfridays or #thirstythursdays.

In the end, customer retention is crucial to the longevity of your business and creating digital rewards can be a cost-effective way to keep your customers engaged, feeling valued and enabling your business to be top of mind with your customers.

If you’re interested in getting support with your social media, we at WebNow™, are happy to assist you with weekly social media posts, Facebook ads and social media management.